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Is Google+ the new Facebook?

It seems as though the new talk around the world is Google+, I’m very familiar with Google and billions of people around the world are too because their amazing search engine service but it seems like Google came out with something new that’s in competition with Facebook. Google+ is a new social networking service operated by Google Incorporated who is trying to build their social services up. But the real question is can Google even compete with Facebook who is averaging out about 1 billion active users. So that leads me to the question what is Google+?

What is Google+?

So Google+ also known as Google Plus is a site that offers a social networking service as well as an identity service. Google+ wants to offer up a new way of interaction and sharing around the world. So they came up with a new idea of “social layers” where instead of having one single site to use it will cover many other sites to use as well for example like Google maps or Gmail. As of December 2012 Google+ has about 500 million users. Google+ requires their users to create a profile account with an age limit usage of thirteen years old for most countries. This site’s language is multilingual and also the availability usage is for the entire world. Google+ comes with a lot of different features to use as well.



The stream is basically where you can post new things or you can see what other people are posting.


In the circles you can organize your friends, family, co-workers, etcetera into these personalized circles. These circles can also mix together but basically it’s an easier way to post to certain people instead to everyone so you can pick your specific circles that you want to communicate with. Google just wants sharing to feel more like real life sharing.


In the hangouts you can video chat or instant message people from your circles. There is also a way where you can signal availability to either all your circles or one circle.


A huddle is where you can make group chats from your phones through Google+ and it is private to outside viewers, only the people in your huddle can see the conversation.


Sparks is a suggested search engine with interests that you can choose and share them on your stream or to your circles.

On Google+ there are also many other different features like instant uploads where you can upload pictures and videos form your phone to your profile, check-ins where you can show or see your circles or whomever’s current location with their latitude, +1 button is where you can “like” someone’s post, games, privacy settings, and mobile application.

Could Google+ be better than Facebook?

In my opinion Google+ can be better than Facebook. Google+ is offering more uses and it seems like it will be easier to understand. Google+ makes it seem like their service is going to be more personal and as if you’re communicating in a real life situations its just instead its over the internet. Also, I feel like people around the world would prefer to use one site that has everything (search, social, chat, email, etcetera.) than multiple sites. So I feel like Google Incorporated made a wise choice to create a social service.


This video is a cartoon video talking about Google+


I hope you all enjoyed my first blog ever!!:):)


Here are some more interesting about Google+


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